In week we spoke about one of my favorite topics education. I am passionate about the lack of funding that is spent on our children’s education. Testing is another sore point for me. I would love to see the education system revamped.


Clayedet637 talked about a calculus class that he took where the groups to learn the functions of the math class. I loved this idea. I wished that my teacher had taken this approach too. I often learn more efficiently when working with real examples, instead of reading from a textbook. The learning / tutorial centers do help, but I am not as comfortable in a large setting. I think this approach is genius.


I like the meek approach that Teresa took in her blog. She used her real world hobby of knitting to our weekly topic. I do agree with her that Constructionism is not a new approach. Our current trend is taking something old and make it new again. I think that Constructionism is a hot topic, a new way of looking at something that has not been coined in the past.


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