678 UAS Emerging Technologies ~ Week 3

Essential Question: Which emerging pedagogy appeals most to you, and might be most useful for your classroom and students? Why?

I like the idea of all three. My top pick is Genius Hour. I love to give inspiration and then see what my kids can come up. Genius Hour is definitely an emerging concept. Just allowing 20% of a student’s time to create whatever project they like, can inspire so much. I think when kids are given limitless possibilities and a little inspiration, they find that they can excel higher then they thought they could.

Google has its own version of Genius Hour coined as ‘20% time’ policy. “We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Google,” they wrote. “This empowers them to be more creative and innovative. Many of our significant advances have happened in this manner.”

Apple has taken a spin on the Genius hour too and incorporates their policy with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  In Apple position, they have fulfilled their employee needs of the physiological side by setting an average salary of $108,483 which ensure survivals. Then, Apple also provides a wide range of application to protect the safety need of workers such as the development of health and safety standard, training more employees to identify hazards or providing safety equipment. Furthermore, the Apple 2013 report illustrates the improvement in Apple research to provide employee a better workplace including support of social networks, work group and enhance worker-supervisor relationships.

Beside the satisfaction of priority needs in Maslow’s theory, Apple Inc. is focusing more on the higher-order needs. As an example of assuring the Esteem need, Apple rewarded its executives by giving them a recognition bonus of salary from 3 to 5 percent. This method indicates the approval of Apple to its employees who has effectively finished their works.



Another good example for esteem need is that Apple’s worker can receive a free iPhone, it is not only a benefit to worker but also an effective motivator because it would increase employee responsibilities when they see the end result of their effort. At the highest needs in Maslow’s hierarchy, Apple has successfully motivated its workers by creating more opportunities for employees to participate in education and development program (over 200,000 employees since 2008) Additionally, as Borchers, who is an engineer for Apple, said that Steve Jobs didn’t have a specific device in mind, and he only gave the team a mission: “create a phone that people would love so much that they would never leave the house without it”. As a result, this mission has been wildly successful, because Apple corporate gave their employee the chance to be creative, growth and also break the rules.



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2 thoughts on “678 UAS Emerging Technologies ~ Week 3

  1. Wow. I don’t think I would see a Maslow reference in a technology post. That is good to see. Nice work.


  2. Well Apple is working with an interesting motivational tactic for production but in any case, they are allowing for more creativity within the workplace. I can imagine that a workplace like Apple, there is a large amount of hands-on activities but this is a concept schools are trying to work back into the classroom. Hopefully, the hands-on approach hadn’t completely moved out but introducing technology can either add to the hands-on experience or it could complicate things. I do like the idea of GH as it would give the students a highly personalized project that interests them.

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