Reflections Week 3

This week’s topic choices for Emerging technology were: flipped classroom, MOOCs, or genius hour. I also leaned toward the genius hour concept. I like the option of letting students pick their own projects. I can see how all three technologies are important for today’s trends and how they can go hand in hand.

Aleta was in charge of this week’s twitter session and spoke of MOOCs. I like the open and self paces learning techniques. I think that these methods will open new doors. There is still some challenges to be worked out, but I think that this is a much needed technology that should be rolled into more schools.

Gerald choose the same concept I did, genius hour. He used his real world example of his daughter’s own experience with the technology. I mentioned that I can see how a student with a growth mindset will use the allotted time to create and learn many new things. I brought up the flip side to this, what happens to a fixed mindset student that is not inspired to create. Does the interaction with other classmates inspire learning?

Doug spoke of a real world Detroit example with successful results of a piloted concept. Flipped classroom is where some of the instruction is given via video. The method of teaching can allow a student to stop the video and relearn some parts of a lesson if needed. Something that would be very helpful when I was in high school.


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