Reflections ~ Week 4

Markerspace hands-on concept is not a new concept. DIY have been a trend of the past decade or so. HGTV is devoted to the do-it-yourselfers. I love that the hands on concepts is being used again in schools and communities. I would love to see more children learn how to grow vegetables and farm. The life lessons they could learn from growing their own food and even plants dying are valuable lessons.

Brian share a Marker Space Playbook, which was a great resource to this week’s topic. The guide provides direction for students. He also listed benefits to implementing Markerspace to students.

Laura talked about how vocational tech classes in our day were different. The classes were very focused and standardized. I did enjoy them, but I can remember my classmates stating that they thought some of the projects were boring. I wonder if the same students were given an opportunity to attend a Markerspace session, if they would think that the setting was boring.

I loved Melissa’s view on the topic. She referred to Markerspace as hobby time. Kids don’t collect stamps or coins like in my day. Students need opportunities to “Geekout”. They need interests that cause passions in their hearts and minds.



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