678 ET ~ week 5 Reflections

This week we talked about IoT (The Internet of Things). We about many IoT ideas from my classmates that could be incorporated into the classroom.

  • Doug spoke about his idea to utilize tablets for classroom use. He would incorporate some type of metrics system to track activity and progress. More interactive textbooks would be a great addition to the classrooms.
  • Aleta used real world needs for IoT. She would use this type of technology to send an alert when her dog’s water bowl is low.
  • Melissa talked about her Amazon Echo speaker, Alexa. She spoke of the ease of having a Google type database available for endless questions.

The IoT technology has been around for a little while, but progress toward convenience is definitely making its way in to the mainstream. I love seeing how the new inventions can impact student learning. There seems to be a new wave of custom programs and hardware that continue to update the way that curriculum is delivered.






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