678 ET ~ Week 6 Reflections

678 ET – Week 6 Reflections

This week we talked about something that I am passionate about – coding. Although programming was not my major it was something that I enjoy. I learned to code in college, it was not offered when I was in high school. Software is an industry that I think will continue to grow. Therefore, coding is a skill that is required for many jobs.

Most of my peers focused on the pros to coding, as did I. Sara Lucas talked about low level coding known as pop computing where you drag and drop objects of code. She explained that this is not how Computer Science majors code, but it might be all that you need in some jobs. Gerald talked about the fact that coding helps prime your mind for more complex math problems later. He also did a great job with his cons, stating that coding does not fit the standard educational core. Melissa talked about how coding might not be for all students. Some students do not have the same math class options.  Being able to understand the logic behind the pseudo code might be sufficient enough for most people.

I read a lot of great ideas why coding should be rolled out in school. We had a great twitter session with endless responses about what everyone thought coding is. It was clear to see that we all had different understanding what coding is and what the place should be in education. I was glad to see that most people did not think that coding is not for everyone.



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