677 ET Reflections

Emerging Technology ~ Week 7

This week we talked about 3D education printing. I have to admit that I do not have direct experience with the hardware myself. I have read articles mentioning the technology, but I have not had the pleasure of creating something yet. I was able through research on the topic see so many new and exciting ways to use 3D printing.

I love that we do teach about new inventions in the classrooms. Students should be learning about inventions that they might be need to have the experience with in future job opportunities, as Sara Lucas mentions. Gerald talked about printing food. He also mentioned that fact that we do not yet have any laws about 3D printing although I am sure that copyrights should extend to the technology. The laws will need to be modified to include the new technology.

Alteta used a great statement about technology “…to capture the interests of students, simulate interactions during class, create tangible aids and provide hands on learning.” Students need to be engaged to be interested in something. They need to tinker with their hands. 3D printing in the classroom is a great way to inspire creativity in the classrooms and beyond.



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