678 ET Week Eight: What Minecraft game could you create that would help students learn?

Minecraft is a great tool for education. There are countless websites dedicated to lesson plans and how to implement them in the classroom. This week we interview a player for more insight on what they thought of the game and how the game worked.

This is what I learned from my classmates this week:

Kayla did not have any direct experience with the game before this week’s assignment. She stated that she also thought that the game was a great way for students to express their own creativity. Also lesson plans are great inspirations for the game. Gerald spent time with his son playing the game. He had great visuals for math concepts in his post. Douglas brought up great points about how the game can help under privileged or shy kids interact. He spoke of making maps of his school for navigation which are great ideas to help students learn.

Whether you are trying to help connect with a student or get a math concept across, Minecraft might be your tool. I can see how students can express History and science worlds into their adventures. Kids are excited about it and love learning new tricks. I don’t think that it will take much convincing for student participation.


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