678 Robotics ~ Reflections


This week we talked about a very serious current topic, the great debate of “Bringing your own device” to school. All of the posts I read were in support of having some kind of regulation for the devices. I learned some interesting challenges in classrooms today and how the control of the devices are being forced on the teachers. As a tech in charge of 11 different elementary schools and a background of 15+ years of experience I found it hard to police the devices that we supplied.

What I learned from my classmates:

  • Sarah L brought up the fact that not all schools or students can afford devices. How do we handle these challenges? I agree with her that supporting the devices should not be up to the teacher.
  • Gerald as talked about the divided of availability of devices per student. He suggested a few devices suitable for classroom use.
  • Brian, brought up a great point about the school’s infrastructure needs to be able to handle all the devices the students are brining in. As a network problem, running out of available IPs is a reoccurring problem.

I am not sure that I can confidently say I can navigate the OS on all the devices my children’s friends have. I do think that most tablets have the capability to use most web applications like RAS, StarFall, and MobyMax.

With that said, my (all my classmates) response is Yes – every school needs a BYOD policy. As everything in life, we need structure and rules for all to have a good time.







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