678 ET – Wk10 Reflections

Week Ten: How are electronics viable additions to “crafting” for today’s young person?

This week we learned about how crafting is an emerging technology. I loved seeing new simplistic and exciting inventions. I saw so many that the possibilities to inspire classroom learning were endless.


What I learned from my classmates:

  • Brian took a similar approach that I took; he explored the new world of The new invention has so many uses already. He spoke of how the interactive stickers are great for younger students.
  • Kayla discussed squishy circuit technology and how the conductive pens can be a great tool for the classroom.
  • Jessica took a great approach on the metrics to Makersday. She listed increased SAT scores from being exposed to the art side of learning. The experience made learning a positive experience and increased test scores across the board.


I love how we are now exploring how emerging technologies can be used in our current day, not just for industry fields, but also in the classroom. Crafting has been around a long time. I think that we are now reinventing the idea to include technology in the scope. I love that we have circuitry boards and squishy lights to help students understand how AC/DC power options work along with simplistic boards and drivers.


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