678 ET Week 11 – Reflections:


This week we talked about the policies our schools may or may not have for emerging technology and how we can lead the process. Although my school district has policies in place, being able to maintain and updating the polices is just as important as a creating the regulations. Because technologies are continually changing, we need to be aware of the changes and ensure that we are adequately protecting our network and systems for changes tomorrow.

What I learned from my classmates this week is that a common factor is the shift in mindset that students will be in charge of their own learning. I think the push back is appropriate and we can learn from history that this is change in a good direction.

  • Jessica brought up great points about education being in place to prepare students for bigger things in life. Although students learn about history and past events related to personal culture, these topics prime the brain for other areas in life. Example, we can use a history lesson for English papers.
  • Gerald talked about his district plans to move to more affordable laptops to ensure a one-to-one ratio among their students. This is a great plan. Students will be able to have more opportunities for learning when armored with a personal computer. My daughter for example was able to take extra online classes during the summer months to graduate a year early so that she could attend a hair classes at our district vocational school.
  • Sarah L talked about being able to implement the emerging technology in a way to meet the need of the school district. Solving the needs is just as important as selecting the right technology. I have seen so many times when a software solution was purchased to meet a need, but no one knew how the technology worked. The software just sat and when it was used it, it was not efficiently as it could have been. It takes the right solution and the right implementation to be successful.





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