Week 1 – Reflection

I do not have a current practice of teaching. Almost everything that I have learned about teaching has been in my class studies. I have been fortunate to have worked for the Anchorage School district and see many different styles of teaching. Through my previous employer and circles of other friends, I have formed new friendships with teachers. I think that these relationships help me with relating to topics that rise in our class studies. Furthermore, my friends are able to help me when I have a topic that I am stuck on. I have asked them this same question, “What theory or research can help inform you of current practice of distance education?”


Most of the answers I received are (as I have shared) are through online course, conferences, and workshops. I have heard that there is a required amount of development training that needs to happen yearly. My friends go out of state to a convention with other friends to learn new methods and styles. They get to talk of their challenges and achievements in the classrooms. For my friends, the conventions are something they look forward to every year. I do plan to attend these meetings as well.


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